A Fresh Approach to Produce Life Extension

PrimePro® is a packaging technology designed to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. It extends shelf life by removing ethylene gas, a powerful plant hormone that triggers the process of ripening and decay.

Consumers know fresh produce is the key to a healthy lifestyle and demand the best-quality produce for their tables. Grocery stores want to attract customers by having top-quality fresh produce, year-round. Growers, packers and shippers are trying to increase profits and cut costs while keeping up with the constantly changing demands of a competitive marketplace. As the produce industry tries to satisfy these demands, shelf-life extension technologies become more and more important.

Growers, packers and shippers who use PrimePro® say:
  • Produce arrives at its destination in top quality – appearance, texture, flavor, nutritional value and food safety are maintained at their peak
  • Weight loss is minimized
  • Sea or truck freight can be substituted for expensive air freight
  • Higher prices can be obtained by holding produce until market conditions are in the seller’s favor
  • Weaker or shoulder-season product can be exported
  • Mixed truckloads become safer