Test Date: January 2009
Tested materials: PrimePro® and high density polyethylene carton liners
Tested produce: Golden delicious apples
Company: Crane & Crane

Testing Method:

Two boxes of apples were packed in PrimePro® carton liners on October 27, 2008. Two additional boxes were packed in high density polyethylene (HDPE) carton liners on November 17, 2008 as a control. The test measurements were taken on 7 January 2009 after almost 2 month of storage. Apples packed with PrimePro®were stored 3 weeks longer than the apples packed in HDPE liners.


Pressure tests using a penetrometer showed apples stored in PrimePro® were 26% more firm than apples stored in HDPE liners, even though the apples stored in the HDPE liners had been harvested two weeks later than those packed in PrimePro®