Test Date: April 18th 2007
Tested materials: PrimePro® bags (simulating a flowwrap scenario)
Tested produce: Strawberries
Company: Iseppi Frutta, Dornach

Testing Method:

One set of strawberries was packed in a standard punnet and one was packed in a punnet that was overwrapped with a PrimePro® bag. Both boxes were stored in a room at 6C temperature for 2 weeks (14 days). Measurements were taken every day during the period.


At the nine day mark, berries packed in PrimePro® had lost approximately 1% of their original weight. The control punnets had lost more than 5% of their original weight. But there was a considerable difference in rotten level: in 14 days 100% of strawberries in regular plastic became rotten comparing with only 67% of strawberries packed with PrimePro® bag.