Test Date: June 1, 2009
Tested materials: PrimePro® sheets
Tested produce: Clovis red pepper, California green, yellow and red peppers
Company: Francisco Oliva

Testing Method:

Samples of each type of the product were covered with PrimePro® sheets. A control sample was left uncovered. To prevent drying, samples were covered with a corrugated pallet capsheet, simulating actual storage practices. All samples were stored in the cooler at a temperature of 5-9 ° C.


Clovis red pepper: In general the product matured more slowly when packed in PrimePro® film. It was evident that ethylene was removed from the box. Weight loss: 2%. California green and red peppers: In the second week of the study, peppers in the control box were notably less firm, while peppers covered with PrimePro®were just as fresh as at the start of experiment. Peppers covered in PrimePro® maintained their “just-picked” characteristics until at least the third week of the test. Green pepper weight loss was 2% while red pepper weight loss was 5%. California yellow peppers: California yellow peppers are very sensitive, so the results were more noticeable as compared to the other peppers. In the second week of the study decay of product was noted, though samples covered with PrimePro® looked better. Weight loss: 3%.